Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Acoustic Avant Gardism CD

Ronnie McGrath - Acoustic Avant Gardism - streams of consciousness poems for neo-surrealists (Ankhademia Press 2007, 15 track CD)

more abstract than flower stems
set their homes in dusty bookshelves (Perpendicularities..)

All you hipsters, so-called blak dada intellegenics, performance poet dons having portraits taken leaning against brutal doorways, all you post modern poem writers suffering sick in attics waiting for something new, here it is. This is mouth music for your mind, shifting paradigms with the blistering texture of words and abstract Jazz feeling. It MUST be heard.
For copies contact Ronnie at - do it now!

I just got back from doing a reading with Ronnie McGrath in Acton. It was the reading, of all the readings I've done this year, that I was most excited about. Because of course I love Ronnie's work - we share an estatic aesthetic sensibility - a vision of the liminal, also because it was billed as 'The Black Avant Garde' - as such as this, a historic event, a forum for experimentation. And the response from the audience was a beauty-full thing/one woman said how she felt her whole body open up, had a physical reaction to the poetry, exposed her vulnerability.We are attempting here to re-locate, re-design and re-focus the meandering nature of our legacy as it wanders narrow to the edge of definition and installation in time by kente cloths and black fists. More soon!

Sunday, 21 October 2007

poem in process no.112

Five Rivers, Trinidad Aug 07


Jack Spaniard nest
wrap up under galvanise
cross cut teak/appropriate
- a horner man beeps – fish man – scale hand - fish van
an plastic flowers an the pink thick drapes
the dog
panting on the roof
day come
an all these hills
all these hills an holy mountainsides
green an purple
wit the gospel radio that on all day
an alright –
all these things like umbilical vine.

my sister
my sister with the sling of love
my sister
my sister
with the muddy gust of tears
our mother
who art in heaven…
with the acolytes and the wooden crosses
crossin hell yard in the stingin
stingin rain


Tuesday, 16 October 2007


The origin of the work is not the first influence, it is the first posture: one copies a role, then, by metonymy, an art: I begin producing by reproducing the person I want to be.
- R. Barthes